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Growing up in a family of home cooks, food has always been part of Ces Tan’s love language, and the subject of her most treasured memories.

Fifteen years ago, Ces embarked on a journey to build her own dream kitchen. Her discerning taste, combined with her love for culinary explorations led her to Miele. Over the years, Ces has become a true Miele advocate – continuously impressed by how consistently her Miele appliances have performed even after years of use.

And today, as Ces settles in her family’s second home, choosing Miele for her kitchen once again was the most logical choice.

She shares her remarkable journey with Miele in the video below through a story etched in the flavors of delectable meals and the warmth of shared moments with the family.

Ces recalls the early days of her Miele journey from 15 years ago. Perusing the market for kitchen appliances to invest in, she was immediately captivated by Miele’s sleek design and, upon researching further about the oven features, came to appreciate the innovative engineering excellence that sets Miele apart.

Ces Tan instagram postCes Tan instagram post

In Ces’s kitchen, her Miele oven served as the canvas for her and her family’s culinary growth - becoming a trusted companion as her kids started baking, and even in their kitchen experiments during the pandemic.

As an enthusiastic home cook, Ces frequently explores new recipes and culinary techniques. The best part? She's relieved from the post-cooking cleanup, thanks to her trusty Miele dishwasher.

Miele appliances are not just highly functional; they're also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I have a steamer, an oven, and a coffee machine — and that's all I need.

With Miele's consistent performance, every dish, from daily delights to special feasts, turned out perfect, eliminating the uncertainties of Ces and her family’s culinary experimentation.

Home Hacks for Cooking

Here are some ways you can make the most out of your Miele appliances.

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Whip up a three-course meal with no problem!

With the Miele Steamer’s Automatic Menu Cooking feature, you can say goodbye to the hassle of cooking separate dishes, making meal prep more efficient and effortless than ever before.

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Serve up perfectly crisp bread with Miele’s Moisture Plus feature.

Precision-timed bursts of steam ensure that you achieve flawlessly crisp bread or tender meats, without having to manually open the oven door and spray water on your dish, which inevitably lowers the oven temperature and affects your cooking.

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Remove the hassle of oven cleanup with the Pyrolytic Cleaning feature!

By heating the oven to scorching temperatures, Miele’s Pyrolytic Cleaning feature transforms food residues into ash. Now all that’s needed for a quick oven cleanup is a swipe!

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Roast up to six whole chickens with ease!

Indulging in cooking extravaganzas is easy with Miele's XL oven cavity, tailor-made for catering to large families.

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Unlock perfectly-cooked, fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs

with the Miele combi steam oven’s Combi Mode.

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Here’s the secret to five-star, succulent, gourmet dishes.

Experience precision cooking and tenderizing tough cuts of meat using the Sous Vide function in your Miele combi steam oven.

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Forgot to start your dishwasher before leaving your home? No worries.

Use the Miele App to run and even schedule your dishwasher program at your convenience, ensuring that your dishes are clean and ready when you need them.

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